Jewel Mysteries and other matters

Posted by Tory Historian Monday, May 09, 2011 , , ,

Tory Historian had long intended to read Max Pemberton's Jewel Mysteries I Have Known, as it contained the splendid Ripening Rubies, a tale first disinterred by Sir Hugh Greene in The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. As this blog describes, the collection, the TV plays made from the stories and the particular tale of dastardly deeds in upper class London are a joy. TH did not manage to purchase the volume referred to but borrowed it from London Library. It does, indeed, give tactile pleasure to anyone who reads it. The illustrations are delightful.

As ever, TH decided to find out more about the author and came face to face with another terrifyingly busy and successful man of letters, journalist and editor. Indeed, he was even knighted for his various achievements. There are several portraits in the National Portrait Gallery - a sure sign of achievement. The cartoon above is the most attractive.


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