Another interesting "contrarian" point of view

Posted by Tory Historian Thursday, May 19, 2011 ,

Tory Historian seems to have overcome problems with Blogger but considers modern technology to be somewhat less than it is cracked up to be. In the meantime, History Today's June issue has come out and it has an excellent "contrarian" article by Tim Stanley on the subject of apologies for historic events and actions.

Not a good idea, opines Mr Stanley, as it over-simplifies historic events (dumbs history down, would be TH's comment) and he proves it by giving a brief account of the different aspects of the Mau-Mau rebellion and the British suppression of it.

1 Responses to Another interesting "contrarian" point of view

  1. Simon Harley Says:
  2. Blanket apologies, like blanket pardons, are never a good idea. Going through incidents case by case as Stanley says is the best course.

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