Happy Easter

Posted by Helen Saturday, April 07, 2012


  1. S.M. MacLean Says:
  2. A lovely film; one of the better song-and-dance numbers must include ‘A Couple of Swells’. I couldn’t help but notice that the film is set in 1912—the year of all things Titanic. How accurate are the clothing styles and mannerisms, I wondered, while watching the TCM broadcast last night. Are there still Easter Parades down New York’s Fifth Avenue?

  3. Helen Says:
  4. I'd forgotten it was set in 1912. Don't think those Easter parades do happen any more but I have never been in NYC over Easter so need to find out from someone who has. Completely agree about A Couple of Swells. Every time I see it I notice something new about the routine. A joy.

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