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Posted by Tory Historian Friday, November 18, 2011 ,

The Duke of Wellington, one of Tory Historian's heroes was a considerably more important politician (as well as an overwhelmingly important military commander) than TH had been led to believe at school. He was also a man who was admired unstintingly by all except the Radicals (and even they inclined to some admiration).

Sadly, none of that is true and Tory Historian needs to rethink everything read in those textbooks and heard in the lessons. It would appear that the Duke did have a great deal of political aptitude and a very good understanding of European affairs as well as a great fear (like most military men) of another European war. He was central to British politics for many years after Waterloo and went on serving as a public servant almost until the day of his death. Many of his political judgements were considerably more intelligent and penetrating than those of people on the other side who were the heroes of those long-ago school lessons.
His funeral on November 18, 1852 "caused as much of a stir in the mass media of 1852 as did Sir Winston Churchill's in the middle of the twentieth century". This link will lead to a list of references and illustrations in contemporary Illustrated London News. Here is a brief account of the funeral - it was the last heraldic state funeral held in Britain.


  1. Oh, dear! How ever did I miss this date?

  2. Must confess that this posting intrigued me, so I went back to my notes and then checked various on-line sources. What I have discovered is that the Duke’s death is dated 14 September 1852, but that his funeral some two months later, in the middle of November. As the youngsters say, what gives?

    (P.S. Was planning to buy Christopher Hibbert’s biography in near future; can TH recommend it or another general purpose bio?)

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