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Posted by Helen Wednesday, August 31, 2011 ,

This was advertised in the Conservative History Journal but it is really a National Trust Event though a lecture about Disraeli at Hughenden Manor must be of interest to anyone who is interested in conservative history with either a capital or a small c.

The Immortal Dizzy: Benjamin Disraeli 130 Years On

A special Disraeli celebration lunch to mark the 130th anniversary of his death at which Lord Lexden, the official historian of the Conservative Party and author of a history of the Primrose League, will speak

More Information: the Estate Office, 01494 755573,
Well, actually I do have some more information: tickets cost £40 each but this will include lunch, a copy of Lord Lexden's history of the Primrose League and a "lavishly" illustrated booklet on which his address at the lunch will be based. All that makes it rather good value, especially if I add the information that Lord Lexden is really Alistair Cooke, who knows more about Conservative Party history than any other man alive.


  1. S.M. MacLean Says:
  2. Mightily envious of anyone with an opportunity to visit Hughenden (and other historic British sites) at will; more so a visit Disraeli’s estate to take in a lecture and meet an accomplished Conservative author, to boot.

    Any chance Lord Lexden’s talk will find its way onto YouTube?

    Did I mention I’m envious?

  3. Helen Says:
  4. I imagine the National Trust will record the talk but whetber they put it on YouTube is unclear.

    I get the feeling for no reason that I can discern that you are feeling a little envious. ;-)

  5. I visited Hughenden in August. I was surprised that the short film that we were shown there about Disraeli had Jeffrey Archer talking as an "expert" on Disraeli.

    Lord Lexden sounds a more appropriate choice.

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