Whittaker Chambers 1901 - 1961

Posted by Tory Historian Saturday, July 09, 2011 ,

Fifty years ago today came the death of one of the most important people in twentieth century American history and, in particular, in the development of American conservative thought: Whittaker Chambers.

This is a fascinating piece by David Chambers, Whittaker's grandson, about ghosts and memories and the world since the great man's death. While looking for other material, Tory Historian (a great admirer of Whittaker Chambers, one of the few people who really understood Communism) came across this posting on Flopping Aces about Chambers's Witness. There are, the blogger thinks, many lessons to be learnt for Americans now. Tory Historian cannot argue except to add that there are many lessons to be learnt for all of us in the West.


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