Sixty-five years ago

Posted by Tory Historian Tuesday, February 23, 2010 ,

US Marines raise the Stars and Stripes above Iwo Jima

The flag was raised four days after the US forces landed on the island and happened after fierce fighting. The photo taken by Joe Rosenthal, who died in August 2006 at the age of 94, won the Pulitzer Prize (deserved for once) and became one of the best known images of the Second World War.

Tory Historian is well aware that two photographs were taken as the flag in the first raising was deemed to be too small, but that does not mean that this was a fake. The marines had fought hard to gain the island and the photograph recorded their courage and determination.

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  1. Rob Scot Says:
  2. Great photo. It says and means so much, which is as it should be. God bless our men and women in uniform.

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