Do politicians ever keep their promises?

Posted by Tory Historian Thursday, July 16, 2009 , ,

That may be a rhetorical question with the answer being no in all cases but there must come a time, says Tory Historian, when even a politician is held to his (in this case but let us not be sexist) promises.

Tory Historian has a distinct memory of Boris Johnson, at present Hizonner the Mayor of London, promising in his electoral campaign to deal with the vexed issue of the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, one of the few matters that do lie within the Mayor's competence in a sensible fashion.

There was going to be a statue of Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park GBC, KBE, MC and Bar, DFC, RAF, the man who was in direct command of pilots and those who assisted them during the Battle of Britain; the man who was responsible for the defence of London; and one who has no proper memorial in Britain.

Indeed, a model was produced by the sculptor, Les Johnson and it seemed to all who are genuinely interested in what happens in Trafalgar Square rather than those who bleat about the latest trends taken up by the art establishment or about it all being so much fun having jolly rubbish on the Fourth Plinth, that the statue would be appropriate both artistically and historically.

It seems that Hizonner the Mayor is not prepared to fight for this one. The idea and the stature have been rejected

Westminster council officials say the proposed statue of Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park would clash with the changing series of contemporary sculptures on the fourth plinth.

Councillors will decide on Thursday whether to accept their recommendation. The planning report says the bronze statue would have an "adverse impact" on its surroundings because it is too representational and traditional.
Tory Historian could not believe that there was anybody in the whole world who could spout this rubbish. An adverse impact on its surroundings? Have these people been to Trafalgar Square? Do they realize what sort of adverse impact plastic shelving (the last exhibit) or moronic narcissists getting up on the plinth to be filmed for an hour at a time have on the surroundings and on the mental welfare of passers-by?

Is it not time Hizonner the Mayor started thinking about fulfilling his promise or explaining that he cannot do so because he has not got the power?


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