A map, a map

Posted by Tory Historian Thursday, May 14, 2009 ,

For various reasons Tory Historian is beginning to be immersed in Xenophon's account of the march of 10,000. The English version that is under discussion (for a Roundtable later in the year) is the recent translation by Wayne Ambler. Still, there is no harm in looking at alternatives and when the opportunity of acquiring a copy of Rex Warner's translation, published in Penguin Classics for the vast sum of £1.99, Tory Historian could not resist.

It may be a "pretty sleepy translation" but it does have quite an interesting introduction by George Cawkwell and a map. Hurrah, a map, a map. It is not a particularly good map but it does give an indication of what the original long march covered.

The one above is somewhat better because of the colours.


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