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Posted by Helen Thursday, January 15, 2009

At Tuesday's AGM of the Conservative History Group I was asked to report on the Journal and outlined a plan for a supplement early in the year that would focus on the Anglosphere and related history. There were no dissenting voices apart from one: the treasurer.

In theory it would be good to have that supplement as well as a big issue of the Journal in time for the Party Conference. In practice it is hard to know how to raise the money. I suspect, though, that there are people out there who have ideas as to what one can have in the supplement and how best to finance it.

Of course, we may well have to put everything up on the internet.

Anyway, I welcome all suggestions either on the blog in the usual way or to me at


  1. Can't help with fundraising.

    What sort of articles will you want for the Anglosphere themed publication?

  2. Helen Says:
  3. I would certainly be interested in an article about the legal basis of the Anglsophere, which we have never really covered in the CHJ.

  4. A monumental topic.

    How to get a manageable cut on it?

    Thinking ... .

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