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Posted by Tory Historian Friday, August 22, 2008 , ,

It is always nice to find something unexpected like the Canadian Conservative Forum. Apart from anything else, it has lots of excellent conservative quotations, some from Canadians, some from others.

Here is a very good comment by the writer, critic and journalist Robert Fulford:

Civilization begins with the consciousness of memory; it begins when we decide we must maintain a spoken, drawn or written account of who we are, what we have done, and why we did it. Conversely, when we abandon this enterprise, or neglect it, or wilfully distort it for the political needs of the moment, we grow less civilized. A society loses its way when it loses secure connections with the past. That possibility is one of the dangers facing us during this historic period.
A quick look at his biography on Wikipedia shows that he is a journalist of the old school - started at the bottom on leaving school and no degrees in media studies. He has been described as being on the conservative end of the liberal spectrum but judging by some of his political positions, he is considerably to the right of that.


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