The Conservative History Journal has had many postings about Dorothy L. Sayers, one of the best-known detective story writers and creator of Lord Peter Wimsey, popular theologian, literary scholar, playwright and undoubtedly a conservative in all her thoughts.

She is mentioned in the piece on scouting, described as being more anti-Semitic than John Buchan (one of TH's favourite postings), referred to in a general posting on the conservative nature of detective stories, quoted on various matters here and here and discussed as author of The Man Born to be King and of an essay on English character. Undoubtedly, there will be postings in the future.

That being so, Tory Historian feels only mildly guilty at being a day late in wishing Miss Sayers happy 119th birthday.


  1. S.M. MacLean Says:
  2. How is Ms Sayers’s translation of Dante's Divine Comedy?

  3. I enjoy reading them but am not an expert in that I do not read Italian, let alone its mediaeval variety. More knowledgeable experts vary in their judgements.

  4. S.M. MacLean Says:
  5. I have been told that she is a keen writer of mediaeval history and philosophy, too, but these volumes seem to be out of print.

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