A slightly unusual view of an historian

Posted by Helen Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some time ago this blog mentioned a new biography of Herbert Butterfield, the analyst of "Whig history". I was greatly surprised to see a piece about about Butterfield by David Gordon on the Mises website. It is, in fact, a review of yet another study of the historian, by Kenneth B. McIntyre. Somehow, I had not connected Butterfield with libertarianism but the article concentrates largely on his views on foreign policy and they had a certain amount in common with the views usually expressed by contributors to the Mises site. The piece is well worth reading even if it raises the odd smile.


  1. David Gordon Says:
  2. I'm grateful to your mention of my review, but the review is not of Bentley's biography, though I do quote from that book.

  3. David Gordon Says:
  4. Sorry--that should be "grateful for"

  5. Helen Says:
  6. Apologies. I shall correct this immediately.

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