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Posted by Helen Saturday, April 29, 2006

A bit odd, what? Here we are running a blog for Conservative historians, conservatives, historians and any combination of that and no comments. Well, a couple. At first, there was a technical problem caused entirely by Tory Historian’s ionefficiency. But that has been cleared up and … well, still no comments.

It’s not as if Conservative historians had nothing to say for themselves usually. A more vociferous lot it is hard to imagine. Perhaps, it is the postings that have not been ones to inspire discussion. Well, there is an opportunity to rectify that. Send in postings or ideas for postings. We are ready to discuss matters.

Or just put up a comment that disagrees with the posting. Or tells us that it is a silly waste of space.

More seriously (I think) it is time for all of our readers to think a bit about contributions to the Conservative History Journal. The issue due out in June aims to have several pieces on conservative foreign policy in its various manifestations. The autumn one will concentrate on women in the Conservative Party.


  1. Helen Says:
  2. Hurrah! Yes, I do feel better and I shall certainly visit you blog. Or did you mean Hawaii? I'd love to visit that, too.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Early days as yet, and plenty to come as Conservatives discover the site. With the current emphasis on scandal - and a useful Iain Dale list of all those that have affected the Blair Governments (why hasn't the mud stuck?) - perhaps we could debate why the most incompetent and corrupt government of modern times has somehow escaped the tarnish that helped bring down the Major Government.

    Perhaps the economy does matter and Black Wednesday is the be all and end all of what went wrong with the Major Government...

  5. Helen Says:
  6. All those ideas are exciting though, personally, I should like to go back further in history than the last twenty years. However, the idea of sleaze and what has it contributed, if anything, to bringing down governments is tempting. We don't know whether this government will be brought down or not. After all, Major went to the wire before he called an election and there were other factors, such as the prolonged bloodshedding of the Maastricht Treaty.

    Revisiting the anti-Common Market warnings is an excellent idea but, probably, more of an article for the Journal. Are you interested, Taxcutter?

    I looked at your blog and found various interesting things. I shall leave a message soon.

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. I do always read it.

    May I not just lurk?

  9. Helen Says:
  10. All lurkers welcome, especially you Lex.

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