Posted by Helen Friday, April 28, 2006

In a never-ending pursuit of excellence Tory Historian has, somewhat reluctantly, learnt some more about the technology of blogging, to wit how to illustrate postings. Here are two pictures of one of the best-known Conservative Prime Ministers and godfather of political spinners, Benjamin Disraeli.The first one is a delightful sketch by the Irish artist, Daniel Maclise (or possibly, somebody copying Maclise), unfortunately not on display at the National Portrait Gallery. This is Disraeli the dandy.

The second one is by an artist who is seriously underestimated, in Tory Historian’s opinion: Sir John Everett Millais, for ever associated with the Effie Ruskin scandal and the obnoxious “Bubbles” picture. Millais was a very fine portraitist, who concentrated on the essence of his subject. There is a matching portrait of W. E. Gladstone but we could not possibly reproduce that on this blog.


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