Tory Historian salutes the great Duke of Wellington, whose birthday it is today. As he was born in 1769, this is not a particularly notable anniversary (345 years) but worth remembering.

On to another Conservative politician, Lord Curzon. Tory Historian was re-reading David Gilmour's biography of the great man and came across the following paragraph in the chapter about his Oxford years when he began to establish in his own mind what he wanted to do in life:

Curzon was never a political intellectual. He cared for the display and workings of politics, for oratory, statesmanship, the practice of government. He was not much interested in Tory philosophers. Hume and Burke interested him far less than Pitt or Canning. Principles were more important the ideas and efficient administration more important than either. 
TH cannot help wondering how many politicians actually understand the difference between those concepts.


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