Tory Historian's blog: RIP Valerie Eliot 1926 - 2012

Posted by Tory Historian Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It is appropriate, Tory Historian ventures to observe, that this piece should be written in the Reading of Room of that wonderful institution, the London Library, whose highly active President T. S.Eliot and to whom his widow was remarkably generous.

The story of the salvation she provided to the tormented and guilt-ridden poet, whose first marriage had not only broken down but had destroyed both husband and wife, has been told often enough as has Valerie's care of her husband and the nurturing of his legacy after his death that included such actions as the setting up of the T. S. Eliot prize for poetry.

It is worth reading the detailed and admiring obituary in the Daily Telegraph, an equally admiring piece by David Morley and Ion Trewin's obituary in the Guardian.


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