A great lexicographic achievement

Posted by Tory Historian Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tory Historian, being the offspring of a lexicographer, finds dictionaries almost as exciting as maps. (see previous postings passim) Therefore, the news that the grand project of creating a dictionary of the Akkadian language, last spoken in Mesopotamia a couple of millennia ago, has been completed.

The dictionary was put together by studying texts written on clay and stone tablets uncovered in ancient Mesopotamia, which sat between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers - the heartland of which was in modern-day Iraq, and also included parts of Syria and Turkey.

And there were rich pickings for them to pore over, with 2,500 years worth of texts ranging from scientific, medical and legal documents, to love letters, epic literature and messages to the gods.
It took ninety years but that is hardly a problem, considering the language and its dialects, Assyrian and Babylonian have been out of use.

1 Responses to A great lexicographic achievement

  1. Simon Harley Says:
  2. No mean achievement. One more thing to go on the list of "things to read before I die."

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