Naturally, Tory Historian is a monarchist

Posted by Tory Historian Friday, April 29, 2011

This blog wishes Prince William and Kate Middleton, soon to be Princess William (not Princess Kate) every happiness in their difficult future. Below is a picture taken by TH in the Mall yesterday afternoon.


  1. S.M. MacLean Says:
  2. A brief explanation of the 'Princess William' appellation, please...

  3. As it happens she became the Duchess of Cambridge as Prince William was made the Duke of Cambridge on the day of his wedding rather like Prince Andrew was made Duke of York on the day of his wedding. Otherwise, she would have been called Princess William, as the wife of Prince William, like Princess Michael of Kent.

  4. S.M. MacLean Says:
  5. My curiosity was piqued by this observation from The Telegraph:

    Although the Prince’s spokesman said he was “honoured” to become the Duke of Cambridge, he had let it be known that he would prefer to remain Prince William and for his wife to become “Princess Catherine”.

    I wonder if the move from traditional forms of ‘address’ is part of the movement to reform the time-honoured practices of monarchy.

  6. I think this is a misguided attempt to revive the worship of Diana, Princess of Wales, who was, quite erroneously, called Princess Diana or Princess Di by the media. There is no need for it - Diana is not remembered all that much except when the media starts on her story again and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a glamour all of their own. As does the Queen, demonstrated by her visit to Ireland.

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