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Posted by Tory Historian Wednesday, September 15, 2010 ,

Readers of this blog will be aware that Tory Historian is very fond of maps. Maps should accompany most history books, especially those that deal with travelling and battles. Sadly, the British Library exhibition, entitled Magnificent Maps - Power, Propaganda and Art, all words to thrill Tory Historian's heart, is coming to an end this week-end. However, there is a Curators' Blog on the subject, which TH hopes will continue beyond the exhibition, as it seems to have wonderful illustrations and descriptions of maps that did not make it into the exhibition.


  1. Simon Harley Says:
  2. I very much wish that I'd caught the exhibition when I was at the BL in July. All I saw was the tat in the shop promoting it - "Magnificent Maps" canvas bag?!

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