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Posted by Tory Historian Monday, January 18, 2010

Tory Historian is off for a few days to the old K und K, otherwise known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Two days in Vienna, three in Budapest, then back to Vienna and London on Saturday evening. In the meantime, it may not be possible to post. This is a good opportunity for readers to take a hand and suggest a few ideas for what ought to be covered by this blog and the secondary one, meant to be for longer pieces, in the next few weeks. Offers of articles are encouraged. TH looks forward to some very interesting ideas.


  1. k Says:
  2. I hope Tory Historian will provide a detailed account of all cakes on the journey.

  3. Simon Harley Says:
  4. One could always have open threads on various Prime Ministers (Heath excepted for obvious reasons!). Balfour for example, since the Education Act 1902 is quite a milestone in British history but you would never gather that from the shockingly poor and misleading Wikipedia article on it...

  5. Indeed, Simon, that is an excellent idea. Actually, even Heath could be discussed though comments might have to be moderated.

    There will be an article on cakes very soon.

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