Oh frabjous day!

Posted by Tory Historian Friday, August 21, 2009

Tory Historian was very excited at the news, which, for some reason was only on AFP, in English and in French, that a cache of early twentieth century films were found in Poland, in a parish building in the city of Sosnowiec.

There were these two metal boxes, left by the film buff priest, Father Jerzy Barszcz, who had been collecting films since just after World War II until his death in 2004. Or so it appears from the story. There are a few gaps in it, though.

For instance, where are the more recent films? He cannot have collected only early twentieth century ones. Did he ever show the films? Why did it take five years after his death to open those metal boxes? And why were some of them dubbed or sub-titled into Czech, as the French version of the story has it?

All of that pales into insignificance at the news that one of the films appears to be "a 1929 German version of the Sherlock Holmes adventure "The Hound of the Baskervilles" by Richard Oswald", which was officially considered to be 'lost'. How terrifying must that be.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I hope that the eminent Conservative History Blogger has not forgotten that it is a jubilee date today.

    Today 70 years ago WW II started. No, no guns were fired, no soldiers were marching, but on 23d August 1939 Molotov and Ribbentrop signed a pact in Moscow thatin effect divided Eastern Europe between the two totalitarian dictatorships.

    It was the Devil's pact, and of course it did not come out of thin air. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had collaborated for years - but as this blog has pointed out modern pundits and historians are in denial and therefore this jubilee will be passed by with very little mention.


  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Oops! Sorry! I didn't see that the post "Oh frabjous day" was actually posted two days ago.

    But if I may continue with today's date there is one more reason to remember this date - and yet another sad reason: It is exactly 80 years since the Hebron massacre.

    One of the oldest Jewish settlements in Eretz Israel was ransacked by Grand Mufti's terrorists, and Hebron became Judenrein until the Six-day war in 1967.



  5. Thanks Mikgen. A complete failure in memory there. But I have now corrected matters somewhat with regards to that Pact.

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