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Posted by Helen Friday, June 05, 2009

Time for me to issue a call for articles for the Conservative History Journal or, if people prefer to go about it that way, ideas for articles. Get in touch either through this blog or the e-mail in the Journal.

I am looking for articles or reviews on any subject that might be characterized as having to do with the Conservative Party, its members, MPs, writers and ideologues and the conservative movement as a whole in Britain and other countries. That is a very wide remit.

On the whole I would prefer not to have articles about the post-Thatcher years as we have had far too much on that already. Even on Thatcher herself I would prefer it if somebody came up with something completely new. Otherwise, I await ideas and articles. And they do not have to come from people who live in Britain, especially as I would like to extend the subjects geographically to the Anglosphere at the very least. (Mind you, if somebody feels like writing about French conservatism, all I can say is en avant.)


  1. I saw Patricia Gurnett yesterday in Cambridge. She mentioned to me that the journal is seeking articles. I wonder if you may be interested in a piece - say a 1,000 or 1,200 words - on the Monday Club or on the Liberal Party's post-1945 electoral strategy vis-a-vis Labour and the Conservatives.

  2. Helen Says:
  3. The Monday Club sounds a very interesting subject. Can you write to me directly at Thanks.

  4. Justin Says:
  5. I have a piece on why Thatcher and the 1983 general election. What sort of lenth are you looking for though as this is around 3000 words.

  6. Alan Says:
  7. I can write something on Lord Salisbury, who won three elections making him one most successful Tory Prime Ministers ever but he he often overlooked in Conservative history.

  8. How about this Whig that the Tory party wore before a name change?

    Walter Ramsden Hawkesworth Fawkes (2 March 1769 – 24 October 1825).

    Interesting chap and interesting period.

  9. Helen Says:
  10. Jailhouselawyer,
    I sent you an e-mail separately.

    Justin and Alan,
    Could you write to me directly at szamuely_at_aol_dot_com? Many thanks.

    Lord Salisbury sounds a good idea as, oddly enough, I don't think we have had an article on that great man yet. I am not sure what aspect of the 1983 election is your article about, Justin?

  11. Demetrius Says:
  12. Talking of Mrs. Thatcher and history, have you seen this:

    25 November 2014

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