And the blame lies with ...

Posted by Tory Historian Tuesday, July 22, 2008 ,

Tory Historian is back in harness after a gap when time had to be devoted to a serious piece of work. An interesting anniversary needs to be noted. As points out for July 22, on this day in 1946 bread rationing was introduced in Britain, more than a year after the war ended. Unlike other European countries, this one managed to get through the six years of war without bread rationing and a year after the end it was introduced. How is one to explain this/

The website says rather blandly: "The shortage is blamed upon a poor harvest and drought." Hmm. Not on the socialist government that was in charge of the country?

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  1. Simon Harley Says:
  2. I would have hoped ToryHistorian could sympathise with the dilapidated state of the British economy after WWII. On top of the British people we also had to feed in the immediate aftermath of the war the starving Germans inhabiting the British zone of occupation, a burden obviously absent during hostilities.

    I can however both damn and identify with the Labour government though (how nice of me, you say.) They had the empire to keep up and police at a tremendous cost, as well as the occupied territories. They had to try and restore the British economy to something like its pre-war strength (very tricky for socialists!) "and" push through their socialist agenda. Of course, there was one course they didn't have to follow. I wonder which one...

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