A sombre anniversary

Posted by Tory Historian Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12 seems to be a particularly sombre day. Looking at the BBC site "On this day" we find that this is the day on which the USS Cole was attacked in 2000 and the Bali nightclub explosions killed dozens of people.

Though the number of casualties was smaller, in many ways for Britain the biggest and most horrific anniversary is that of the Brighton bomb in 1984. Aimed to kill the Prime Minister and any member of the Cabinet that got in the way, it did kill 4 people and injure many more, some, like Lady Tebbit, permanently.

Miraculously, the Prime Minister survived and came out to address briskly the assembled media. It was a frightening day for many of us.

It only needs to be added that the perpetrators were caught, tried and sentenced only to be released as part of the dubious peace process.

On a more cheerful personal note: Tory Historian will be away for a week or so, visiting Constantinople or Istanbul, depending on which bit of history you happen to approve of.


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