Happy Birthday Sir Roger

Posted by Tory Historian Friday, March 23, 2007 ,

Even somebody like Tory Historian who finds sports events just a tiny bit dull, has to thrill to the story of Sir Roger Bannister and the breaking of the four-minute mile on May 6, 1954 in Oxford. (Actually, Tory Historian has seen the plaque on Iffley Road.)

There is something undeniably English about the man in his quiet persistence, overcoming initial disappointment and equally quiet withdrawal from too much public attention to carry on with his medical work and research. Of course, some people might argue that even in England that sort of behaviour is a thing of the past.

Today's is Sir Roger Banniser's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sir Roger.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. A very Happy Birthday to Sir Roger...u can have a look at my blog and post a birthday ecrad at his honor in ur site...thats what I do in case I wish to honor someone great...have a nice day :)

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