Barone on Hague on Pitt

Posted by Helen Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Michael Barone is one of the leading commentators in the United States and he seems to be something of an Anglophile. At least, he writes frequently and, usually, with approval on aspects of British life.

Here is his response, rather than review, to William Hague’s much lauded biography of William Pitt (readers will need to scroll down). Barone is greatly taken by Hague’s description of Pitt’s constant emphasis on the need for a long-term solution.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book, in Tory Historian’s opinion, is the special insight into the parliamentary activity of Pitt’s day that is given by a man with political and parliamentary experience.

It is outside the scope of this blog to comment on the politics of the Conservative Party as it is in 2006 rather than 1806, but one wonders what conclusions the author of this excellent biography has drawn to influence his own attitudes and statements as Shadow Foreign Secretary.


  1. Daniel Says:
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  3. Daniel Says:
  4. How interesting to find an American perspective on William Hague's book, although I was not expecting the Pitt-Bush comparison, which I think it is a little strained. However, any writer who can get Revolutionary France and 'Islamofascist terrorism' into the same sentence gets my approval.

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