A belated introduction

Posted by Helen Friday, March 31, 2006

Slightly belatedly – after two postings and numerous links with other sites – here is an introduction to the Conservative History Journal blog. In fact, it is the blog of both the Journal and the Group and will, we hope, develop into a lively discussion forum of historical topics and ideas for publication and for meetings.

As you have seen, the first two postings are about the forthcoming publication and forthcoming meeting. But that is just the beginning. There will be postings on various subjects and, we hope, comments from readers.

And now to business: the next full issue of the Journal is due out in June and articles are needed by the end of April. The focus will be conservative (or Conservative) foreign policy and not just in the twentieth century. Of course, there will be other articles and reviews. Some are coming in, some have been promised but we are looking for more material.

The autumn issue, to be published in time for the Conservative Party Conference will focus on women in the conservative movement – a subject that has not received its due attention so far. That is about to change.

I was asked whether we wanted to limit ourselves to British conservatism. Most emphatically not. We want to look at conservatism and conservative movements in other countries, particularly those of the Anglosphere, since these have common aspects. But we need not stop even there. German or Russian conservatism may well have been very different from British or American but there are intriguing aspects there that need to be discussed.


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